Registration form

Conclusions of the representation contracts

Each Contract of Representation needs to be filled out twice and both copies need to be sent to the address of Intergram. A copy signed by Intergram will be returned back to the rightholder.


A rightholder’s signature on one of the two copies needs to be verified by official authority. In a case where the rightholder is a legal person, the statutory body of such a legal person which is listed in the Company Register of the given country shall be the authorized signatory. In cases where the manner of acting requires joint signatures of two or more statutory bodies according to the relevant Company Register, all these signatures must be officially verified.

On the other hand, a signature verified by an official authority is not required on Contracts of Representation, or Applications for the registration of rights, signed at INTERGRAM premises. In such a case, the rightsholder signs the documents on the spot and the identity of the rightholder will be verified by INTERGRAM based on a presented valid identity card.

Contract of Represention of rights in property of performers (groups) needs to be concluded by a common representative (Confidant) who submits verified Powers of Attorney of the ensemble's members and a list of musicians who are entitled to receive a remuneration for the use of recorded performances of the ensemble.

It is also necessary to provide a proof of an existence of the company to a contract of a representation of rights of producers of sound and audiovisual recordings, i.e. a copy of a Trade Certificate or a copy of an abstract of a trade register.

It is possible to make a contract of a representation of inherited rights after a presentation of a decision on a settlement of a heritage. Rights of a performer are an object of a heritage according to the valid legal regulations and they have to be solved in terms of negotiation of a heritage. Decision on a settlement of a heritage has to include an information, who became a heir of rights of a deceased performer.

It is only a sample of a contract intended for information, contract is concluded in original form, which we send on request.